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LING 1000
Susan Ehrlich

LING 1000 Phonetics 9122012 63200 PM Airstream mechanismPulmonic sounds lung air usedEgressive air is pushed out o Ejective sound air in mouth is pressurized by an upward movement of the closed glottis and released suddenlyIngressive air is sucked in to make clicks tsk o Implosives air drawn from mouth into throat pulmonic egressive is most common type Places of articulation where contraction occursBilabials p b mArticulate by bringing both lips togetherExample pin bin menLabiodentals f vArticulate by touching bottom lip to upper teethExample fine vineInterdentalsInserts tip of tongue between upper and lower teethEther thenAlveloars t d n s z l rRaising front part of the tongue to the alveolar ridge right behind the top 11 and 21 Lateral l tongue raised to the alveolar ridge with sides of tongue down permitting air to escape laterally over tongueRetroflex r curling tip of tongue back behind alveolar ridgeAlveolar trill r tip of tongue rolling against roof of mouth used in some languages Palatalsz c j jfront of tongue is raised to a point on the hard palate just behind the alveolar ridgepalatalalveolarsalveopalatals begin and end with the sound example judge churchVelars k gwRaising back of the tongue to soft palate velum Ex kick back gig Uvulars R q Graising back of the tongue to the tongue to the uvula
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