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Chapter 1-2.1

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York University
Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 1190
Igor Poliakov

Math 1190Chapter 11Propositional LogicPropositionis a declarative sentence that is a sentence that declares a fact that is either trueor false but not bothExample1 Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America T2 Toronto is the capital of Canada F3 1 1 2 T4 2 2 3 FPropositional variablesstatement variables letters used to denote propositionsExample p q r sPropositional calculuspropositional logic The area of logic that deals with propositionsCompound propositions New propositions that are formed from existing propositions using logical operatorsExample pVq pqConnectives logical operators used to form new propositions from two or more existing propositionsNegation p not pConjunction pq p and qDisjunctioninclusive or pVq p or q Students who have taken calculus or computer science can take this classboth can be True or individually true basically a normal ORdisjunction
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