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Chapter 3-4

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Modern Greek
GKM 4600
Michail Vitopolous

Catherine Kircos January 22, 2013 GKM 4600 Red Dyed Hair Chapter Summaries Ch. 3-4 Chapter 3: The Seducer At the beginning of the chapter, the narrator recalls that the deputy commander at the Corinth boot camp, Kritsinis, called Louis into his office, and after that Louis had disappeared without anybody knowing where he went. It was thought that Louis may have been court-marshalled, but it is revealed that Kritsinis actually took Louis on as his aide-de-camp. The narrator then goes on to describe what he calls Kritsinis’ “ruin.” It started with Louis pushing Kritsinis to begin writing poetry. Kritsinis began attending to his duties less and less often, and spent more and more time writing poetry. His favorite place to write poetry was the officers’ latrine. In one instance, a lieutenant was waiting outside the latrine, too polite to knock on the door to let Kritsinis know he was waiting. Kritsinis had been inside so long that the lieutenant wet himself. Louis also discovered that Kritsinis was a repressed homosexual, and that his first erotic experience had been with his male cousin at a young age. In one scenario, Kritsinis is visiting Louis in the basement apartment Louis shares with his father and sister (who is a nurse and supports the whole family). In a state of drunkenness, Kritsinis begins to perform oral sex on Louis, which Louis gives into as he doesn’t want to upset Kritsinis. Louis had believed that his father was asleep in the other room, but is later convinced that both his father and sister know what happened. Twenty days later is when Kritsinis was finally ruined. He was caught at camp in bed with the camp cook. At that point, he exited the building and left the camp, and no one ever saw him again, except for Louis. Chapter 4: The Whorehouse After Louis and the narrator were discharged from the military, the narrator’s family didn’t want to see Louis around their place, until it was found out that Louis would be getting married. The bride’s name was Eugenia Krugas, the daughter of a family who owned a bakery. She has two brothers, who are extremely protective of her. Whenever she leaves the house, she is always accompanied by one of her brothers or parents. This made it difficult for Louis to get close t
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