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Chapter 5-6

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Modern Greek
GKM 4600
Michail Vitopolous

Catherine Kircos February 5, 2013 GKM 4600 Red Dyed Hair Chapter Summaries Ch. 5-6 Chapter 5: Fragile Material At the beginning of the chapter, the narrator’s mother finds out that Louis has a civil service job and she is incredibly surprised. The narrator goes on to describe how his mother is always right and how his father has learned not to question her anymore. While the narrator’s mother used to say how Louis was good for nothing, the narrator’s father liked Louis, but dared not say anything because he knew that his wife was always right. When the narrator announces that Louis has a good job and is finally beginning to act like a decent person, the narrator’s father takes the opportunity to rub it in his wife’s face that he was right for once. The narrator’s mother decides to invite Louis over for dinner, believing that he is now a decent gentleman. Minutes before Louis is meant to arrive, the narrator tells his mother that Kritsinis gave Louis the job because Louis laid him. Both parents are visibly upset by the news and want nothing to do with Louis anymore. The narrator then goes on a tangent to tell the story of Maritsa Ghikas, the mother of Pericles, a friend of Louis’s and the narrator’s who owned a local coffeehouse. Louis and Maritsa had an affair for many months, which Pericles knew about. Although the narrator and Louis eventually lost touch with Maritsa and Pericles (who moved to Salonica), the narrator cherishes Maritsa for teaching him to love good music and theatre. The narrator uses this story to illustrate the fact that no one could hold a grudge against Louis for long—not even Pericles, who knew that Louis was sleeping with his mother. When the doorbell rings, the narrator answers the door to find Agis (a mutual friend from the coffeehouse) instead of Louis. Agis says that something came up and Louis couldn’t make it to dinner, but that he was waiting outside. The two leave the narrator’s house and find Louis. They then walk to Argyris’s place (another coffeehouse friend), and Louis tells them that Kritsinis has killed himself because he (Louis) told Argyris that Kritsinis was gay and liked to dress up in women’s clothing and Argyris spread the word and ruined Kritsinis’s political career. Louis blames himself for Kritsinis’s death and feels terrible, and wants to kill Argyris to avenge Kritsinis’s death. Louis, Agis, and the narrator arrive at Argyris’s house and break down the door. Argyris runs i
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