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MGMT 1040 Chapter Notes -Peter Drucker, Marriott International

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Case Study: Making You Say Wow
At Any level, in any business excellent service is always an important factor for the success of
said business, According to Peter Drucker (1979), “The business of business is getting and
keeping customers.”
Great service goes hand in hand with keeping customers happy and keeping customers happy
keeps customers.
The Ritz Carlton Hotel has surpassed exceptional service and built a well renowned luxury
brand, that’s known across the world by having excellent service which was acquired by sticking
to their own standards which is known as “The Gold Standards” that falls right in line with the
gold accents of the logo and around their hotels.
There’s also a motto that the company adheres to that carries the great service further, “We are
Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” This isn’t just a motto but part of the
vocabulary of the employees by addressing the guests of the hotel as Ladies and Gentlemen.
Given what is expected of the Hotel, excellent/quality service is important to the customer and
should be equally important to the company, since the company or business depends on the
customers to make profit and stay open.
Guests staying at Ritz-Carlton hotels have often found the name synonymous with fine and
sometimes extravagant, hotel experiences for decades. With about 70 Ritz-Carlton properties
found in 23 countries, including the United States, the chain offers many different venues for
business or recreational lodging.
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