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Chapter 3

Statisitics MGMT 1050 Chap. 3 Notes.docx

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York University
MGMT 1050
Linda Lakats

STAT Chap. 3 Jot Notes Graphical Techniques to Describe a Set of Interval Data - Histogram: rectangles whose bases are the intervals and heights are the frequencies - Positively skewed = tail on the right - Negatively skewed = tail on the left - Modal class – class with the largest number of observations - Stem-and-leaf display (ex. 38.23 = stem is 3 and leaf is 8) - Advantage of stem-and-leaf is that we can see the actual recorded value of observation - Ogive: graphical representation of the cumulative relative frequencies Describing Time-Series Data - Cross-sectional data: observations are measured at the same time - Time-series data: data measurements at successive points in time - Line chart – a plot of the variable over time (graphs time-series data) Describing the Relationship between 2 Interval Variables - Uses scatter diagram to illustrate the relationship - Independent va
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