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Chapter 4

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York University
MKTG 2030
Linda Reeser

CHAPTER 8 Find information in order to develop marketing objectives selecting a target market positioning and developing product place price promotion strategy The Marketing Information Systemo Gathers stores and distributes relevant and timely marketing information to its managers o Includes three components Data Computer hardware and software to analyze the data and create reports MIS experts who actually manage the process to generate and distribute the needed information to system users Information in the MIS comes from Internal Data Works with a variety of information from within the company to produce reports on the results of sales and marketing activities System allows salespeople and sales managers in the field to access the internal records through a company intranet Intranet Internal corporate communication network that uses internet technology to link company departments employees and databases o Marketing Intelligence Marketers get information about everyday happenings in the marketing environment Allows firms to monitor conditions that affectcreate demand for productsScenarios Possible future situations that futurists use to access the likely impact of alternative marketing strategi
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