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Chapter 7

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MKTG 2030
Linda Reeser

CHAPTER 7Layers of the Product Concepto Core Refers to product features or attributeso Functional How the product or functions or performso Augmented Augmentations additions the marketer attaches to the basic producto Potential Product Solution the customer gets from the productThe GoodsServices Continuumo The degree of goodservice involved in the producto GoodDominated Productso As product gets near tangible pole there is little emphasize on service o Embodying The inclusion of a service with a purchase of a physical goodo Equipment or Faculty Driven Serviceso Requires a mix of tangible and intangible elementso Faculty driven services are concerned with three important factors Operational Factor Technology must move customers smoothly through the serviceLocation Factor Having several convenient locations Environmental Factor Create environment to attract customerso People Based Services o Important for a lot of peop Serviceso Intangibilityo
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