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Chapter 13

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MKTG 2030
Linda Reeser

CHAPTER 13Communications Mix RevisitedAdvertisingo Creating effective advertising and how to evaluate or critique the effectiveness of advertisingCreating Advertisingo Product Advertising An advertising message that focuses on a specific good or serviceo Institutional Advertising An advertising message that promotes the activities personality or point of view of an organization or companyo Advocacy Advertising A type of public service advertising provided by an organization that is seeking to influence public opinion on an issue because it has some stake in the outcomeo Public Service Advertisements Advertising run by the media without charge for notforprofit organizations or to champion a particular causeWho Creates Advertisingo Advertising Campaign A coordinated comprehensive plan that carries out promotion objectives and results in a series of advertisements placed in media over a period of timeo Creating and executing an advertising campaign often requires many companies working together and a broad range of skilled people to do the job righto Advertising Agency or communications services company joint talents of specialists Account Management Creative Services Research and Marketing Services Media PlanningMedia Choiceso Traditional Media Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Internet Banner Advertising Outdooro Computer Media Communications media that transmit information through internet or via email messagesBanners Internet advertising in the form of rectangular graphics at the top of the web pageButtons Small banner type advertisements that can be placed anywhere on a website Permission Based Marketing Email Advertising where online consumers have the opportunity to accept or refuse the unsolicited emailo Mobile Media MCommerce Promotional and other ecommerce activities transmitted over phoneso Out of Home Media Communications media that reach people in public placesDeveloping Effective Advertising o PreTesting A research method that seeks to minimize mistakes by getting consumer reactions to ad messages before they appear in the mediao Copy Testing A marketing research method that seeks to measure the effectiveness of ads by determining whether consumers are receiving comprehending and responding to the ad according to plan Several techniques Test Commercials Concept Testing Finished Testingo Critiques of Advertising Not everyone likes the same ads but that does not show effectiveness Advertising is effective when the following elements are done well Target Audience Communication Objectives Overall Communication Strategy Positioning Statement and Key Messages Communication Tactics Communications MixMedia Creative Execution Evaluation
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