MKTG 2030 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Complementary Good, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines

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16 Jan 2017

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Chapter 2 – Understanding Customer Needs
Do not rely on formal research --> informal ways of gathering data are also credible (ex.
talking to customers)
Use the data you already have
Establish clear standards for research --> do not waste money on gathering data that is
incorrect or not valuable
Smart companies are not happy with merely understanding customer needs: they create them
Example: Sony made the Sony Walkman which allowed consumers to listen to music
outside their homes
Appealed to joggers
Ireland --> yogurt was seen as a healthy snack
Danone combined health and taste
Created a market that consumers wanted once it became available
Practical Tools and Techniques for Understanding Customer Needs
Secondary Research - research that has already been conducted by someone else
Saves time and money --> may find the answer from other's research
If primary research needs to be conducted, you can learn tips and tricks from secondary
Quicker and can be free of charge (depending on the source)
Qualitative Techniques
Focus Groups: a guided discussion with a group of respondents such as customers
Moderator can change the course of discussion depending on what responses she is getting
Clients can see their customers in action behind the mirror
Great way to explore the dimensions of a problem
Depth Interviews - data collection method where the moderator engages one respondent in
a conversation for at least 60 minutes
Buying center - the group of customers involved in the decision making
Ethnography - researcher keeps at a distance from the respondents
Participant observation - a process where the researcher actively participates with the
customer to gain insights that other techniques may not be able to generate
Quantitative Techniques
Surveys - using a questionnaire to collect data
What do you think? What do you do? Who you are?
Attitude and feelings
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