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22 Apr 2012

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Communications Mix Revisited:
o Creating effective advertising and how to evaluate or critique the effectiveness of advertising
Creating Advertising:
o Product Advertising: An advertising message that focuses on a specific good or service
o Institutional Advertising: An advertising message that promotes the activities, personality, or point
of view of an organization or company
o Advocacy Advertising: A type of public service advertising provided by an organization that is
seeking to influence public opinion on an issue because it has some stake in the outcome
o Public Service Advertisements: Advertising run by the media without charge for not-for-profit
organizations or to champion a particular cause
Who Creates Advertising:
o Advertising Campaign: A coordinated, comprehensive plan that carries out promotion objectives
and results in a series of advertisements placed in media over a period of time
o Creating and executing an advertising campaign often requires many companies working together
and a broad range of skilled people to do the job right
o Advertising Agency or communications services company joint talents of specialists:
Account Management
Creative Services
Research and Marketing Services
Media Planning
Media Choices:
o Traditional Media:
Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Banner Advertising, Outdoor
o Computer Media:
Communications media that transmit information through internet or via email messages
Banners: Internet advertising in the form of rectangular graphics at the top of the web page
Buttons: Small banner type advertisements that can be placed anywhere on a website
Permission Based Marketing: Email Advertising where online consumers have the
opportunity to accept or refuse the unsolicited email
o Mobile Media:
M-Commerce: Promotional and other e-commerce activities transmitted over phones
o Out of Home Media: Communications media that reach people in public places
Developing Effective Advertising:
o Pre-Testing: A research method that seeks to minimize mistakes by getting consumer reactions to
ad messages before they appear in the media
o Copy Testing: A marketing research method that seeks to measure the effectiveness of ads by
determining whether consumers are receiving, comprehending, and responding to the ad
according to plan. Several techniques:
Test Commercials
Concept Testing
Finished Testing
o Critiques of Advertising: Not everyone likes the same ads but that does not show effectiveness
Advertising is effective when the following elements are done well: Target Audience,
Communication Objectives, Overall Communication Strategy, Positioning Statement and Key
Messages, Communication Tactics, Communications Mix/Media, Creative Execution,
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