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Chapter 6

MKTG 4150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Geodemography, Schizophrenia, Psychographic

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MKTG 4150
Arundhati Bhattacharyya

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Jessica Gahtan Textbook Notes MKTG 4150
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Chapter 6: Personality and Lifestyles
Part A: Personality
! The concept of personality refers to a person’s unique psychological makeup and how it
consistently influences the way a person responds to his/her environment
Conflict between gratification and responsibility
! The id is the component of the self entirely oriented toward immediate
gratification (party animal of the mind)
It operates according to the pleasure principle behaviour is guided by the
primary desire to maximize pleasure and avoid pain
It’s selfish and illogical
! The superego is the counterweight to the id it’s a person’s conscious
! The ego is the system that mediates b/w the id and the superego (referee)
It finds ways to gratify the id that will be acceptable to the outside world
! Marketing implications unconscious motives underlying purchases
Symbolism in products to compromise id and superego
! Ways in which products might channel unconscious urges such as those
involving aggression and sexuality
! E.g. Sports car as sexual gratification for men
! Phallic symbols, such as cigars
! Motivational research is based on psychoanalytic (Freudian) interpretations,
with a heavy emphasis on unconscious motives basic assumption is that
socially unacceptable needs are channeled into acceptable outlets
! Freudian ideas unlock deeper product and advertisement meanings
! Consumers and in-depth interviews
! Latent motives for purchases
Dichter’s Consumption Motives (Figure 6.1)
Jessica Gahtan Textbook Notes MKTG 4150
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! Criticisms
Invalid or works too well
Too sexually-based
! Appeal
Less expensive than large-scale surveys
Powerful hook for promotional strategy
Intuitively plausible findings (after the fact)
Enhanced validity with other techniques
Proposed people can be described as:
Moving toward others (compliant)
Moving away from others (detached)
Against others (aggressive)
Analytical psychology
Collective unconscious
Archetypes in advertising (shared ideas and behaviour)
Images: Old wise man; earth mother
BrandAsset Valuator® : measuring brand personality
Motivation to overcome inferiority
Personality evolves to reduce anxiety
Jessica Gahtan Textbook Notes MKTG 4150
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Trait Theory
! Personality traits: Identifiable characteristics that define a person
! Traits relevant to consumer behaviour:
o Innovativeness
o Public self-consciousness
o Need for cognition
o Need for uniqueness