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York University
Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
David Stamos

Manvir Gill Is love Selfish 1. Model Case a) You’re in a burning building and you managed to make it out. Once outside you realize your loved one is still stuck in there. You go inside and see him/her stuck under a piece of wood that fell down. However he/she is not along and another stranger is trapped under the wood as well. You know you only have enough time to save one person before the building starts collapsing. b) This is a good example that shows that love is indeed selfish because the person going in only has a limited amount of time before the building comes down and only has enough time to save one person. They are obviously going to save their loved one and not the stranger. c) Love selfish caring favouritism protecting thinking harm decision risk split second thoughts consequences 2. Concrete Case a) Three kids whom are fatherless are playing in the backyard while their mother is inside cleaning the house. Once she is finished cleaning the house they move their fun and games inside the house, running around with dirty feet and making a mess all over the house. Afew vases fall and break, pictures fall and the oldest child pushes the youngest down the stairs by accident. These three kids grow up to be strong healthy men with the help of their mother. b) This is a good example that shows that love is not a selfish act because the mother still loves and nurtures her three kids. Even though they got on her nerves, stress her out and put her through all that work, she still loves them and does whatever she can to see them grow in to young men. c) Love selfish unconditional horse play mother reckless nurture consequences baby
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