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York University
Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
David Stamos

3. a) Nancy is 69 years old and she has been in the hospital for the past 6 months after she had been trapped in a burning house. Her family loves her and come visits every day and are doing whatever they can for her to get better. One day when Nancy and her granddaughter were alone, she said “If you love me, remove my oxygen tank for me and let me die”. She tells her the pains are too much and she just wants to get it over with. b) This is a good example of a borderline case because Nancy is being selfish in not thinking about how much her family is going to miss her and how her granddaughter would feel if she did do what she asked. However she is not being selfish in the sense that only she actually knows how much pain she is going through and she believes ending her life would be better than living through the pain. c) Love Selfish pleasure others feeling egotistical suffering shellfish pain not caring joy empty 4 . a) Sacrifice b) It is very related to love because people have to make sacrifices for the people they love.Asking someone to sacrifice something because you want them to can be selfish as well. c) If you love someone and they ask you to make a sacrifice, are they being selfish? Model case: a) Jane asks her boyfriend John who she has been dating for 2 years and is deeply falling for, to stop smoking because she dislikes the smell of it. b) This is a good example of Jane being selfish because maybe it’s hard for John to quit. She’s only asking him because she does not like the smell of it and not for a selfless reason such as concern for his health.
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