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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
David Stamos

Manvir Gill Is Love Selfish 6 a) A 35 year old woman named Julie has been married for 15 years and has had 2 kids with her husband. Her husband had caught her having 2 affairs after getting married. A few months later her husband tells her he’s leaving her for another woman. Julie went to her mom’s house and told her about what had happened. After telling her how her husband left her, Julie asked, “Is love selfish?” b) If Julie comes to the conclusion that love is selfish, then maybe she will not feel bad that she had cheated on her husband and will continue seeing the other man. If Julie comes to the conclusion that love is not selfish then she might stay with her kids and not fool around with other guys and try to keep a normal family. c) Love Selfish sacrifice betray hatred steal open break connection apart trust naive 7 a) I’m feeling frustrated. I was just fired from my job and on my way home. I rolled up some weed and smoked it on my car drive home. When I get home my girlfriend starts to yell at me for smoking weed. She tells me I smoke too much and she can’t stand the smell. We get into a fight and I leave. I meet my friend Bobby for a few drinks. I couldn’t get m
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