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Social Order & Conflict Theory chart.docx

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Kristine Klement

Theoretical Assumptions Assum. about Assum. about Assum. about Assumptions perspective about society dominant social social change about theory values inequality Social Society is the Social order is People will Change is Theory should Order crucial regulator maintained by accept sometimes be developed Theory that prevents a strong set of inequality necessary in to help us people from shared norms provided that order to understand to acting in their and values, as they believe eliminate maintain order. narrow self- well as a that the overall unjust interest, and strong state. A system is fair practices that makes it healthy society and that threaten possible for will promote people at the continued large groups shared values low end of order and people to live and a common society have stability. relatively culture. the chance to Meaningful peaceful and move up the social change productive lives. ranks if they can be
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