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Modr 1770 Ch 1

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Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 1770
Linda Carozza

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Inquiry gathering information before making a judgment inquiry allows people to gain moreknowledge and understanding of an issue while examining all viewpoints to make a logicalstatementconclusion even if they need to question their original viewpointCritical evaluationis a step in inquiry where you have to evaluate all views and decide whichare more valid then others by weighing the proscons of each only then can you come up with a reasoned judgment Critical evaluation is based on a criteria criteria is the relevant considerations providing a basis to make a judgmentCriteria has to be available for the public personal preferences wouldnt be considered a criteria in different subjects the criteria maybe specific only in that field like the criteria for a good mystery book would be the amount of suspense or the believability of the charactersWhen reading different materials one must consider that the arguments are biased only favoring one persp
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