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Modr 1770 Ch 2

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Linda Carozza

Chapter 2 Introducing Guidelines For Inquiry A good place to start with an inquiry is ones personal preference or from friends and family they can also go to the library or use the internet The Guidelines For Inquiry What is the issueWhen doing this step you have to make sure to be precise that you are only asking about one issue the issues should be clear and if there are more than one issue making sure to formulate a relationship on the issuesWhat kind of claims or judgements are at issueIt is important to realize what type of judgements are involved in the inquiry because certain inquires may evaluate judgments differently ie If we are judging a movie we may us the criteria of originality but judging the truthfulness of a testimony may not require this criteriaWhat are the relevant reasons and arguments on various sides of the issueWhen doing a critical evaluation it is important to weigh both the posi
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