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Modr 1770 Ch 4

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Linda Carozza

Inductive Arguments Strong inductive arguments are once that when the premises are true it gives us good reason that the conclusion is Sound inductive argument strong inductive argument with a credible premise Prima FacieWhen one is making a reasonable claim to an argument although the argument is open to revisions or other considerations These may not be corrected but is only based on an initial observation Fallacies Is a common type of argument that has considerable persuasive power Informal Fallacies Are also known as fallacies of illusory support Try to persuade people that the premises are true and try to persuade even though there is no support for the conclusion Red Herring changing the focusHappens when arguer introduces an irrelevant issue distracting others from the question at hand Rhetorical effect takes the focus away from the proponents weak part of their argument Logical error the reasons apply to a different issue therefore not contributing to finding a truth to the original issue Ad Hominem attacking the proponent of an argumentDiscrediting ones argument because you are discrediting the person only use when remarks on the proponent are used to dismiss their argument Rhetorical effect causes the attacked person to defend themselves pulling them away from the issue at hand also inflames peoples emotions Logical error the issue must be decided on the points of the argument not on the person giving the argument
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