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Modes Of Reasoning
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Linda Carozza

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Historically women were viewed as the other, the unreason, and the servants. Men are rational
and neutral while eve is un rational and tricked Adam, who finds pleasure to being mislead by women,
to eat the apple because of here unreason/appetite. Reason excludes body, passion, and instinct (which
are seen as feminine) and therefore women are unreasoned. This thinking has become a sexist
metaphor that people no longer recognize it as a socially constructed, but as a norm. A man’s reasoning
being inherently more "universal" or "neutral,” thus "better" according to traditional conceptions.
In conclusion, Orr states that people should also accept the feminine mode (ethic of care),
and the integral of the two modes. The feminine mode seeks for none violence, is narrative and
empathic, and is open ended and looks for preserving (protect) differences. The feminine mode is
already used in our everyday live so we should teach it and set rules for evaluating it. Writing in the
masculine mode begins with a thesis and ends with a conclusion. However, feminine mode places
more trust in the audience to draw the conclusion. The masculine mode is to convince someone
while feminine leaves it to the audience to think and come to a conclusion.
Gilbert says that arguments must be seen as more than the traditional rational which seeks to
convince or persuade. He also states that the marginalization of the intuition way of arguing is alive and
well, supporting the idea of sex metaphor. He also states that the term rational meaning order, and
linear is narrow (ORR). Logic arguments are the traditional rational arguments where evidence is
provided to convince.