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MODR 1710 Chapter Notes -Reverse Discrimination, Roommate, Masculinity

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MODR 1710
Linda Carozza

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Mars, Venus or planet earth?
Kimmel states that gender equality is just as important for men, men and women are not
different, and that sexual discourse should be conceived in a different way to be solved.
Affirmative action: men getting the job instead of women because it should be theirs. This can
also be called reverse discrimination. So, men felt like they were oppressed because of reverse
We can’t universalize all women’s experiences because while white women might only
experience discrimination because of gender, black women all experience discrimination
because of color. Privilege is invisible to those who see it.
In the US they don’t have a country code at the end of the email address because they have
privilege. So, privilege is only visible to who don’t have it.
What women need, men should want.
Three things are important to a mother:
1-maternity leave
2-child care
3-flexible hours
Elagotarian marriage: one when men and women share work & child care. This makes children,
mothers and fathers happier and healthier (less doctor visits). Elagetarian marriage is linked
with successful marriage. Marriage elagetarian marrage by how much men do house hold and
child care.
Masculinity according to Kimmel:
1-Men should not be with feminine traits. This is vague because what does it mean not to be
2-Men should big wheel buying stuff. This is vague because it assumes that the more money a
man has the more masculine he is.
3-Men should be reliable. This is vague because it assumes that men lack emotion.
4-Men are aggressive and risky. This is not vague.
Video summary
The differences between men and the differences between women are greater than the
differences between men and women.
“Chilling effect”: women will be scared to report rapes. This was because telling Anita Hell that
she is a liar when she reported a sexual assault.
Women find men now less kind and considerate. Kimmel suggests that this is because women
are expecting more from men now.
Four changes in women life:
1-parent-hood: women now balance between work and children care.
2-work places: women are working much more and in more areas.
3-balance in work and family: the more the parents share house hold and child care the happier
and healthier they are and their children.
4-sexuality: women need to be safe to have sex while men hate the word safe sex because it
doesn’t feel aggressive or manly enough. Men don’t think that safe sex is sexy. That’s why
sexual assults happen. Because men don’t like safety but women want it.
The urinal thing said that “ u hold to stop rape in ur hand”. Men should also be brought to the