NATS 1700 Chapter Notes -Ebay, Offshoring, Telecommuting

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2 Feb 2013

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Work by Sara Baese
Computers in workplace generated many fears
o Fear of mass unemployment due to increased efficiency
Some argued it decreased efficiency b/c teaching computer skill was a heavy burden
An example of unemployment through technology is offshoring
Through computers & communication people work from a distance of their office or factory,
Through history people have destroyed avenues through which they can loose jobs, like sewing
machines, looms, assembly lines 7 etc.
During 1990s newspaper headlines were filled with layoffs & corporate "downsizing.
Numerous examples of how technology took over in various industries such as, railroad, utilities,
typewriters, banks & etc.
Goals of technology include a reduction in the resources needed to accomplish a result & an
increase in productivity & standard of living.
In all circumstances companies lost human resource, but increased productivity.
During recession of 2001, overall productivity continued to increase at much higher rate than in
prev. recessions, economists credited microprocessors & increased investment in technology.
Although technology took away jobs, it created new jobs according to the new technology.
These new jobs are usually created in design, marketing, manufacture, sales, customer service,
repair & maintenance, which in turn create support jobs like, receptionists, janitors & stock clerks.
Many new jobs created by computer technology are ones not imagined or possible before.
There's a surplus of job usually each year, but that requires people to change, which people don't
adapt easily & it's pretty devastating for them. So many companies & non-profit organizations set
up programs to make it easy for people to take on the change.
Long-term social gain is no interested to someone who JUST GOT FIRED
People think unemployment is because of technology, but it’s not! There’s many other factors:
Federal funding in areas decline, Tax & regulatory policies are costly, Demographics change &
Differences in employement have to do more with flexibility in economies & other political, social
& economical factor
OECD report says history shows when technology progresses, so does growth, living standards &
Employees can now work less amount of time & earn the same amount of money to get food &
Improvements in product quality & comfort due to technology
Since Industrial revolution working hours declined, but at the same time some say it increased
because they consider life style now possible to essential, tax dept. encourage corps. To make
worker work overtime rather than get new workers & taxes take larger portion of incomes now
rather than in the past
If we are earning less its b/c of social, political & economic factors & as well as technology
Computers eliminate much wider variety of jobs than any other single tech. in past
Pace of improvement in speed, capability & cost for comps is much faster
People had to improve skills & study to attain knowledge for new high-skill work with comps.
Comps. Help train low-skill workers since you can use complex comp. systems to guide & train
workers which save costs
Most new jobs without comp skills will be made in retail sales, nursing, janitor, home
health aid, food prep & services, according to BLS
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