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Robin Metcalfe

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History of Astronomy’s Lecture #2 May 2, 2012
There are 3 sites of having a connection to the sky:
o Sun, which would be an obvious one the Sun produces
heat and light and they are essential for the surivival.
o Newgrange, which would have existed around the ~3200
B.C., the Newgrange would be known as a Tomb Stone in
Some believe that it was built for a person/god(s).
It is known to be the largest circular wall and it has
been said to be the side of a baseball field.
Even though the walls and everything else has been
renovated, or re-contrustructed, the roof still
remains to be the original part/piece of the
The Rock passage leads to spiral carvings.
It is unique because above the entrance has a roof
box which faces the direction that the sun rises at
the shortest day of the year.
YOUTUBE VIDEO: ‘Magical Newgrange’
o Stonehenge, would have existed around ~3000 B.C., this
is an arrangement of stones that are complex and hard to
carry about (similar to the Newgrange roof).
Originally started off as a ditch, it is ½ of the size of
a baseball field.
It is believed that settlers have replaced the stones
over time, when they had passed by.
Each stone is believed to weigh about 25 tons, which
would seem hard to believe seeing as how they had
been dragged from about miles and miles away;
huge effort was put into building the stonehenges.
It is believed to have been designed as an
observatory to study the sun/moon/eclipses, which
makes it interested because especially now it is
known that it has always been hard to study eclipses
because they are known to be unpredictable;
alignments with eclipses are not that accurate, no
one ever knows when one is about to come.
These stonehenges were associated with cults to be
thought to carry some type of healing power. People
would show up near them to heal and later on where
found dead, and when their bodies were examined it
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