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Chapter 5

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Natural Science
NATS 1675
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March 24 2014 Chapter 5The heart is two pumps One pumps going to the body one pump going to the lungs The heart consists of four chambers each pump has two The left side of the heart pumps blood to the body referred to as systemic circulation The right side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs referred to as the pulmonary circulation When you look at the textbook you are looking into someones heart that is facing youThe circulatory system interconnects with 10 other organ systems Besides the heart we have blood vessels the transport system There are about 100 000 km of vesselsoArteries We often see them as carrying oxygenated blood Arteries carry blood away from the heart Arterials little arteries they are connect the arteries to the capillaries oCapillaries Thin walled vessels that connect arteries to veins Only one cell thick very small Where all exchanges only occur the rest are too thick so not exchange can occur there Venules oVeins Carry blood back to the heartThe heart consists of mostly cardiac muscle a little bit of this extends into the aorta Be familiar with all 3 muscle types that are addressed in chapter 4Cardiac muscle is aninvoluntary muscle have characteristics that make it similar to skeletal muscle Cardiac muscle is branched All heart muscle cells connect and communicate with one anotherOther tissues making up the heart include fat connective and blood The means of communication is between the intercalated disks The size of your heart is roughly the size of making a fist The heart gets it blood from the lungs the lungs get its blood from the body There are four chamberso2 upper chambers receive blood atria atrium singularo2 lower chambers pump blood ventriclesThere are 4 valves in the heart
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