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The Advent of the Electronic Computer

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First Part The Evolution of ComputersThe Advent of the Electronic Computer September 13ReadingsMartin CampbellKelly ComputerChapter 4 pp6991 Ebook inventing the computer69 World War 2 was dependent on the new scientific research and developmentonly analog machines available at that timeManhattan Project in Los Alamosatomic bombRadiation laboratory at MIT BOMB ENDED THE WAR BUT RADAR WON ITPerfecting the mathematical computationscientific war effort in the US was administered by OSRDheaded by Vannevar Bushinvention of the modern electronic computer occurred in an obscure laboratory in the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania70 The Moore School computing was not performed for its own sake but always as a means to an endthe end was ballistics computations for the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland who commissioned the army and testing artillery71 1935 research division established at the proving ground and acquired a Bush Differential Analyzer Its main activity was mathematical ballisticscalculating the trajectories of weapons fired through the air or waterWhen US entered war top flight scientists in math physics astrophysics astronomy and chemistry aswell as junior scientists were enlisted aswell as Herman H Goldstine BRLMoore School worked together Two of the graduates were John W Mauchly physics and weather and Arthur W Burks math philosopher72 began training females and they were taught calculating 1942 Moore School was full of computing activityproduction of firing tables for new developed artillery
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