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The Mainframe Computer Era

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NATS 1700
Dov Lungu

The Mainframe Computer EraInformation Literacy Skills 1 Mr J DupuisJames W Cortada in Alfred D Chandler ed A Nation Transformed ch 6 pp177195NotesOverviewfirst minute of the Computer Revolution at 900 AM April 21 1952 at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill New Jerseysixday seminar on the transistor learning about what would become the heart of the computerthe one time place and item that heralded the arrival of the computerThe initial development of the computer for primarily military purposes occurred simultaneously in Great Britain and the United Statessmaller projects underway in Germany and in Poland the transistor was clearly a US invention that we can precisely document as having been created at Bell Labs in the 1940s by ATTDiffusion of rights meant dissemination of information about transistors more advanced manufacturing techniques for electronics and creating the base for the knowledge this nation needed to develop manufacture apply and distribute the computer chip in the 1960swhich ultimately became the true power base and generator of the Information Age that so many like to speak of todayArrival of the Transistor and the Chipcriteria in order to embrace new technologythe new technology must perform at least as well as the current technology it must not cost more than the current alternative unless it has new function or capacity costeffective it must be as reliable as an existing alternative or very closethe ability to perform a task that could not be done with an existing alternative technologydefines the transistor as a small solidstate semiconducting device than can perform nearly all the functions of an electronic tube including amplification and rectification
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