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The Computer Becomes Personal

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NATS 1700
Dov Lungu

The Computer Becomes PersonalSeptember 27ReadingsMartin CampbellKelly Computer ch 10 EbookNotes207209Radio DaysPersonal computers vs radio Radiostelegraphywireless telegraphyBy mid 1920s american radio broadcasting had been fully determined and it has been remarkably resilient to assaults from cinema television satellite broadcasting and cable3 key points from history of american radio broadcasting1Radio came from a new enabling technology whos long term importance was initially unrecognized2Crucial set of actors in this transformation were the radio amateurs building receiversenabling broadcasting to take off3Once broadcasting was established it quickly became dominated by a few giant firmsradio set manufactures and broadcasters Personal computer was following same path with enabling technology the microprocessorMicroprocessors Developed during 19691971 in the semiconductor firm Intel210 Intel was founded in 1968Microprocessors was suggested by Ted HoffMoved from logic chips to general purpose chips that could be programmed with certain functons named 4004211 Computer Hobbyists and Computer LiberationComputer hobbyist wasa young male who directly or indirectly workedknew a lot about the electronic industry Many were active radio amateursThey hungered for a reasonably priced computer at home for recreational use so they could explore its inner complexity experiment with computer games or connect it to electronic gadgets 212 Computer liberation early 1970s was strong in California may be a reason why the personal computer was developed thereHypertext system by which an untrained person could navigate through a universe of information held on computer by Ted nelson 213 Liberate computer to make it accessible to ordinary people are trivial costs1874 the computer liberation vision of personal computing we as terminal attached to a large information rich computer utility at very low costs while the computer hobbyists vision was that of a traditional mini computer two groups brought together by the first hobby computer Altair 8800 The Altair 8800 and Bill GatesJanuary 1975 first microprocessorbased computer altair 8800 was announced first personal computerLow price and general public could afford214Self assembled with one central processor panel of switches and lights on the front no displayno keyboardtoo limited memory to do anythingOnly way to program is through binaryso only computer hobbyist would be interested215216 Bill GatesPaul Allen created Microsoft and worked with BASIC to create a minicomputer19751977 was when the microcomputer was transformed from a hobby machine to aconsumer product only 2 years because all the add onkeyboards screens disk drives etc had already been invented and produced217218 The Rise of Apple ComputerSteve Jobs and Stephen WozniakJobs bridged the cultural divide between computer hobbyism and computer liberationBoth attended the Homebrew Computer Club in early 1975
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