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The Internet Explosion

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Natural Science
NATS 1700
Dov Lungu

The Internet ExplosionOctober 4Blown to Bits Appendix pp 301316 EbookNotes301the internet as a communication systemThe Internet is a system a delivery service for bits whatever the bits represent and however they get from one place to anotherPacket Switchingan Internet router as the machines connecting the Internet together are knownComputers dont know what theyre sendingeverything is known as bits302Size limits of bitesNature of the networkcircuitswitched network which lead toPocket switched networkunit of information traveling over the Internet is a packet of about 1500 bytes or less Any communications longer than that are broken up into multiple packets with serial numbers so that the packets can be reassembled upon arrival to put the original message back together303What makes the Internet work is the incredible speed at which the data packets are transmitted and the processing power of the sending and receiving computers which can disassemble and reassemble the messages so quickly and flawlessly that users dont even noticeCore and Edgethe core is everything behind the edge that makes the system workThe edge is made up of the machines that interface directly with the end usersThe core of the Internet is all the connectivity that makes the Internet a networkAn Internet Service Provider or ISP is any computer that provides access to the Internet or provides the functions that enable different parts of the Internet to connect to each other Sometimes your telephone or cable company is your ISPThe service may be to convey messages between computers deep within the core of the Internet passing messages until they reach their destination
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