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Chapter 8

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1740
Randy Hoffman

Chapter 8 Jovian planet systems 8.1 A different kind of planet What are jovian planets made of? General compositions of jovian planets - The jovian planets are made mostly of hydrogen, helium and hydrogen compounds  Jupiter and Saturn less hydrogen compounds and less rock and metal  Neptune and Uranus contain less hydrogen and helium Gas capture in the solar nebula - The jovian planets nearer to the sun captured more hydrogen and helium gas making them larger and leaving them with smaller proportions of hydrogen compounds, rock and metal (Jupiter and Saturn) What are jovian planets like on the inside? Inside Jupiter - If you plunged below jupiters clouds, you would never encounter a solid surface  Layers 1.) Visible clouds 2.) Gaseous hydrogen 3.) Liquid hydrogen 4.) Metallic hydrogen What is the weather like on jovian planets? - All the jovian plants have cloudy skies but clouds of different kinds form at different altitudes in each planets atmosphere Global winds and storms - The rapid rotation of jovian planets helps drive strong winds creating their banded appearances and sometimes giving rise to huge storms  Jupiter’s red spot is a gigantic storm 8.2 A wealth of worlds: Satellites of Ice and Rock What kind of moons orbit the jovian planets? - 160 moons orbiting the planets - Jupiter has 60 moons - A few jovian moons rival the smallest planets in size and geological interest while vast numbers of smaller moons are captured asteroids and comets - Ganymede is jupiters largest moon Why are Jupiter’s Galilean moons geologically active? Io: the most volcanically active world in t
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