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York University
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NATS 1740
Tatiana Paulin

Lesson 20 Cosmology Part 1 The Big BangThe Big Bang Theory the scientific theory of the universes earliest moments stating that all the matter in our observable universe came into being at a single moment in time as an extremely hot dense mixture of subatomic particles and radiation Matterantimatter annihilation an event that occurs when a particle of matter and a particle of antimatter meet and convert all of their massenergy to photons Antimatter any particle with the same mass as a particle of ordinary matter but whose other basic properties such as electrical charge are precisely opposite Electroweak force the force that exists at high energies when the electromagnetic force and the weak force exist as a single force Grand Unified Theory GUT a theory that unifies three of the four fundamental forces the strong force the weak force and the electromagnetic force but not gravityin a single model Planck Era the era of the universe prior to the plank timeGUT era the era of the universe during which only two forces operated gravity and the grand unified theory or GUT force lasting from 1043 second to 1038 second after the big bang theoryInflation the sudden and dramatic expansion of the universe thought to have occurred at the end of the GUT era Electroweak era the era of the universe during which only three forces operated gravity strong force electroweak force lasting from 1038 second to 1010 second after the big bangParticle era the era of the un
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