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Chapter 7

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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

Chapter Se7en: Matters of some gravity October 22 1707 - 18 british warships, heading by the Association; the great flagship of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, was struggling to bring his fleet home. Image 157: Hailey's comet (1986) Centaurus A, was the first celestial object to be ensnared by Newton's law of gravity. Two years before the loss of HMS association, Edmund Hailey predicted that this comet would return every 76 years Image 156: Britain flagship wreck HMS Association was a matter of considerable gravity to the British navy. Better astronomical techniques could have prevented this tragedy 1714 - Parliament appointed a panel  included two astronomers: Sir Isaac Newton and Edmund Hailey  Newton and Hailey were on board. They believed astronomy is the key to navigating around the planet  You can find your position north or south of the equator simply by checking the height of the pole star at night, as navigators have known since before the dawn of history  Shovell's time, navigators also had tables of the suns position for any date of the year. it was easy to measure the Sun's height at midday instead. Longitude - your position east or west  more complication, couldn't be measured with the left and right equivalent of the pole star: everything in the sky seems to wheel around, the Earth spins once every 24 hours Issac Newton: born on Christmas morning (1642)  read out from his carefully prepared notes, comparing four different methods of finding longitude. For all newton’s erudition, the committee didn't understand  Parliament offered the Longitude Prize - the staggering sum of 20,000 to anyone who devised a way to measure lo
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