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Chapter 4

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Natural Science
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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

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NATS1745 6.0 History ofAstronomy Chapter 4 Exam Review 1. • because the church was in power • study of sky not emphasized in the bible • rejection of greek ideas because they are contradictory to bible • loss of ancient greek texts 2. • it was preserved by muslim scholars • the qu’ran encourages knowledge of the sky for time-keeping • 3. • because it was translated intoArabic meaning the “majestic” or the greatest 4. • when greek texts where translated intoArabic the stars were renamed to suitArabic culture and when contact renewed with western scholars in spain the names renamed 5. • because of scholars in spain that translated theArabic texts into latin 6. • it saved him because he predicted a total eclipse of the moon 7. • church adopted Ptolemy model of the cosmos, it was geocentric • Regiomontanus translated the almagest from the original greek and built first observatory 8. • because the air and object are both subject to earth’s r
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