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Chapter 5

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Natural Science
NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

Heliocentric Model: Tycho Branche (1546-1601) 1500: tycho made discoveries that dismissed what arostole said . Tycho : born in Denmark : Denish nobility : they governed people who worked on their land : he was kinnaped by his uncle : his parents allowed this because this means he would inherent his uncle who had no kids; land . Once he moved into this house with his uncle his path was alternated because his aunt and uncle was well educated they surrounded themselves with smart people :D he became knowledgable with a bunch stuff ... etc etc etc ... he wore a golden nose , he had the bridge of his nose sliced off ? ??? he had 8 children... he had a pet moose ...first person to really challange aristotle ... as a teenanger he made some careful paths of the planets ... conjunction when one planet over takes another planet in its orbit that causes the planets to appear closets in the sky.. the dates from the two models were wrong the date was one month away from the ptolemaic prediction and two days for the copernican models... neither model was perfectly accurate all the time ... this told him a model was still yet to be found with more accuracy ... 1572: he witnessed a bright supernova ( explosive of a massive start : new bright star) the supernova in 1572 appeared for couple months : changed colours then no longer be seen with a naked eyes . new stars cant born or die according to aristotle .... ????da fuq ... more commets are also like this ..commits move from night to night so if the object seen in 1572... then the object would have changed in caseopia... implied that temporary events could occur in the sky..not everything in the is ethernal in the universe.. -it was argued that it was a really slow commit so hard to track in 16 months not enough time ... - - contained observatory : in Uraniborg... Stjernborg: was built underground so that you can keep the measuring instruments stable so that measurments can be accurate....when they were used they were open to the sky with the rotateable roofs. when tycho 1590 the observatory were cleared out ... when he observed the stars with his high precision instrument he couldnt detect parallax... steller parallax : Stellar parallax is the effect of parallax on distant stars in astronomy. It is parallax on an interstellar scale, and it can be used to determine the distance of Earth to another star directly with accurate astrometry.The parallax is usually created by the different orbital positions of the Earth, which causes nearby stars to appear to move relative to more distant stars. By observing parallax, measuring angles and using geometry, one can determine the distance to various objects in space, typically stars, although other objects in space could be used. 1500 years later he decided to resolve this issue : he had the highest measuring insturments at this time he figured if the stars do display parallax he should be able to detect it he died before telescopes but however because he failed to detect it he wondered if the stars are too far away for the parallax to be seen or was he not seeing the parallax because the earth wasnt moving he investigated the stars... he worked out how far away the stars would have to be in order for them to be undetectable for his instruments... since 7000 AU seemed inconceivably large , tyco concluded earth is fixed . Part 2: compromise between the two models. As the sun moves around the earth it drags the epicycles around it . whenever a planet is moving around the earth the planets speed will decrease and the brightness will increase. (sorry for missing somethings) the soloution came in the form of a comet: 1577: the great comet: pass so closely to the sun that they can be seen day time they are visible for some months not everywhere on the earth ... the
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