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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

History of Astronomy Textbook NotesChapter 11stanley heyyoung physicist radar expertsigned up for war service on the govt scientific register discovered powerful radar jamming which was coming from the sunkarl jansky physicist and engineer employed by Bell Telephone at holmdel nj discovered first radio waves from space in aug 1931 built huge radio antenna and discovered static sources of interference came from the milky way bell labs reckoned static didnt threaten their communications system and took jansky off job he never returned to astronomy his discovery fired up young enthusiast grote rebergrote reber built the first purpose designed radio telescope in his backyard conducted radio survey of sky but it was ignored because of the great depression reber was an amateur left us for tasmania in 1950s died in 2002 ashes scattered at 24 major radio observatories world wide made his own radio dish 31feet9m in diameterstanley hey again hey and team inspired by rebers work made their own map of the sky using aerials at army establishment at richmond park in surrey surveyed the sky after the war joined th
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