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NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

Merchants of Doubt Naomi Oreskes  Use “climate change” instead of “global warming”, because climate change is a lot less frightening (use scientific uncertainty as a political strategy and emphasize around the issue of CC)  Keeling Curve: systematic measurement of carbon dioxide (single most reproduced time-series data in the history of science)  ‘Will result’ meant perhaps 2000 or even later, John Perry climate change might already be underway  People often think nothing will happen until we get to the doubling. But of course, we know that things are already happening now  The emerging and disturbing evidence of climate change led to the creation of the IPCC  One of the principal strategies of the tobacco industry was ‘doubt- mongering’, insisting that science was unsettled, that we didn’t really know for sure if tobacco was dangerous, that there were a lot of uncertainties  West won the Cold War – found a new enemy called ‘environmental extremism’, considered an exaggeration of environmental threats by people with a left-wing agenda o Began to insist that science was unsettled and that there wasn’t a consensus among the scientific experts o Doubt-mongering campaign needed scientists to be credible (a lot of credibility with the media)  Why would distinguished scientists misrepresent scientific evidence? Motivation was ideological and driven by ‘free market fundamentalism’ – the endpoint of a wide spectrum of beliefs that can be broadly categorized as modern neoliberalism  Friedman’s argument of neoliberal ideology was an argument against communism and in favour of capitalism  Tobacco industry didn’t like the term ‘second-hand smoke’ because Americans didn’t like second-hand things, instead they called it ‘environmental tobacco smoke’ which they thought sounded less frightening and more congenial  ‘Road-to-serfdom’ argument, “if we do not carefully delineate
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