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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

NATS 1760 DARRIN DURANT/ JAMES ELWICK Monday, March 4, 2013 EXCERPTS FROM GENOMES & WHAT TO MAKE OF THEM (pg. 341-344) o Genomes are understood as DNA molecules that are carriers of information, embodied in the sequences of nucleotides --> now as a sequence of four letters A, G, C, and T o This informatic model of DNA focuses attention on the ‘coding DNA’ involved in the production of proteins; treating DNA as a text ( 3 letter words employing 4 letter alphabet)  The rest of the genomic DNA is referred to as ‘junk’ o It has become common to identify DNA sequences as 1) Instructions; needed to produce the phenotypes of organisms 2) Program; embedded in the sequences of DNA 3) Governs; cellular processes 4) Master Molecule o What should we make use of these informatic models? - Models and metaphor; researchers must employ them to make sense of the system they study  Anthropomorphic models; DNA is already conceptualized in terms of the authoritative molecular models of structural chemistry (how DNA identifies itself as deoxyribonucleic acid) o The informatic model is used to assign a special status to DNA as that which initiates activity in the cell  it identifies DNA as the uncaused cause of what goes on around in the cell nucleus; origi
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