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Vera Pavri

2009Vera PavriIntroductory Lecture Questions Concerning Technology Part OneToday we will look at how technology is defined and some common myths associated with technology and technological development Lastly we will explore some of the major themes that will be examined throughout this courseI Defining TechnologythWhile term technology can be found as early as 17 century used to describe treatise or study of industrial practical artsTerm technology only popularized after WWII but use of technology or material items can be traced to almost 2 million years ago prior to this terms used were practical arts applied science and engineering1831Jacob Bigelowbook entitled Elements of Technologyon the Application of Science to the Useful Arts he equated technology with invention and creativity science as process of discovery breaking down term teks is IndoEuropean root word meaning to fabricate or weave in Greek tekton refers to carpenter or builder and tekhne to art craft or skill In this class you will begin to understand that the history of technology is not just about focusing on particular revolutionary technologies or great inventors most technologies are not created by just one individual ideas about technology are often taken from older sourcesalso important to understand that social and cultural factors play a KEY role in the success or failure of new technologies why are some technologies successful in one area and not in another also important to distinguish between invention and innovation making a technology commercially successful II Popular theories of technological development that we will REEXAMINE and CRITIQUEOne of the main things we will be doing in this course is to REEXAMINE ie question or critique some popular ideas about the relationship between technology and society These theories below will be reexamined and questioned throughout the term so please make sure you understand them as you will refer to them throughout the termA Technological Determinism i Defining Determinism
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