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NATS 1775 - Bad Science Notes (Book Report)
NATS 1775 - Bad Science Notes (Book Report)

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Bad Science Notes Chapter 1 - Matter • Footbath (p.4-7) • Candling (p.7-9) • Detox (p.9-14) • Detox patches (p.9-11) • Detox as a marketing invention/cultural product/ritual (p.11 & 12) • Wrong to believe these rituals are based in science • Quick fix diets • Cleansing = Ritualistic or symbolic in other cultures (p.13) Chapter 2 - Brain Gym Brain Gym = hocus-pocus (p.15-20) • • “People will buy into bogus explanations much more readily when they are dressed up with a few technical words from the world of neuroscience.” (p.17) • “When you strip away the nonsense, it advocates regular breaks, intermittent light exercise, and drinking plenty of water.” (p.19) • “Making common sense copyrightable, unique, patented and owned” (p.20) • The Field of Nutritionisim (p.20) • “Professionalizing the obvious” (p.20 & 21) * “…privatization of common sense…fostering our dependance on outside systems and people.” (p.21) • Don’t buy into hoaxes (letter from a student to a teacher regarding Brain Gym) (p.22) Chapter 3 - The Progenium XY Complex • Cosmetic industry = big money to be made from nonsense (p.23) • How moisturizing creams actually work • Vaseline does the job of moisturizing just as well as expensive department store cream (p.23) Making your own moisturizer at home • • “Magic ingredients” only listed for show, as they only exist in very small doses in most creams (p.24) Effectiveness? 7 out of 10 people were pleased with the results they got from their free pot of • cream (p.25) • False Claims - absorbing “nutrients” found in my face cream though my skin? (p.26) • Cellular DNA (Salmon roe DNA absorbed in my skin? or extra oxy
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