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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

NATS 1775 B Bad Science By Ben Goldacre  Ben Goldacre's Bad Science is an amazing book that criticise the conventional media reporting on health and issues related to science, this book is composed of twelve chapters in which each chapter has its own kind of explanation and description to represent media without any scientific or logical proof, in chapter one "Matter" Ben also tell us that how people do not agree with each other regarding to any particular issue of science, everyone just wants to share their observation in spite of that they have never even experiment it. those people don't know what the result might come out as and what are their meaning of their results for those kind of people science is just a monolith rather than process or techniques. (Goldacre 2011, pg.3). I totally agree with Ben that there are some stories that has been dramatize by media, because media always tell the world half truth about the story and other half is always exaggerate so people can just talk about it and spread it around the world. Today we see that media is advertising a lot about the cosmetics like on internet, television, radio and many more place and different platforms. I totally agree with what Ben's saying that "the cosmetic industry is playing on peoples dream and people are free to waste their money on expensive cosmetic"( Goldacre 2011, pg.28). because these days I have seen that people wear cosmetics which has a lot of disadvantages like there are too expensive, can ruin your skin with acne, pimples and oily or dry complexion, and it can leave you with nasty make-up lines. well I am not saying that use cosmetics obviously cosmetic looks good but at the end of the day it can ruin your natural beauty too. people can also use product which does not contains any kind of chemical for example yogurt, lemons cucumber and many more. but still company sell these branded item so they can make money out of it and all the advertising that company do is just to attract young women, who are unfortunately underrepresented in the science. (Goldacre 2011, pg.29).
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