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10.3 Surface Habitability Factors and the Habitable Zone.docx

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Natural Science
NATS 1880
Paul Delaney

10.3 Surface Habitability Factors and the Habitable Zone Where are the boundaries of the Sun’s What factors influence surface habitability?  The role of distance from a central star Habitable Zone today? Inner boundary marks place where runaway greenhouse is triggered whereas outer boundary mars surface water When considering minimum distance, we must account solar heating and resulting processes that evaporate freezing. water. The outer boundary marks place where surface water will When considering maximum distances, we must consider freeze. processes that weaken greenhouse warming. Inner Boundary Stars luminosity Taking account only runaway greenhouse effect, habitable Brighter stars have wider and distance habitable zones. inner boundary is 0.84 AU Dimmer stars have narrower and close-in zones. However, moderate warming might cause some water to Brighter stars are short-lived which may not give enough circulate at higher altitudes where it is broken by UV light, time for biology to develop. allowing more water to rise, which depletes ocean  The r
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