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York University
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NATS 1880
Paul Delaney

10.2 Venus: Potential Habitability Of our solar system, Mercury and the asteroid belt are This has been proven by the deuterium atom not possibly in Sun’s habitable zone which leaves Venus, concentration in the atmosphere. (Which does not fly Earth, and Mars. away like hydrogen does) Why is Venus so Hot?  The runaway greenhouse effect  The surface of Venus is too hot for water Why didn’t earth lose its water like that? According to inverse square law, (1/0.72 ) there is twice It’s because outgassed water condensed into rain as much sunlight on Venus than Earth – equivalent of 30 before UV broke it apart. degrees Celsius However, Venus is almost 470 degrees Celsius. Why?!? Why wasn’t Venus able to do that? It a result of its greenhouse effect But if Earth and Venus grew up the same way  Why did Venus remain atmosphere rich with CO2 while Earth did not? Venus and earth have equal amount of CO2 Earth incorporated CO2 into rock Venus is 30% closer to Sun which is critical point. because it has oceans and carbon dioxide cycle On earth, it is cool enough for water to rain down to Venus is all in the atmosphere because it make oceans in which CO2 dissolved and locked into rocks. As a result, atmosphere left with less CO2. has no oceans and thus no carbon dioxide cycle On Venus,
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