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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 from textbook for leadership

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NURS 3514
Mina Singh

Chapter 10 Delegating Successfully Delegation is the process by which responsibility and authority for performing a task is transferred to another individual whoaccepts that authorityresponsibilityResponsibility obligation to accomplish a task It can be transferredAccountability accepting ownership for the results or lack thereof It is sharedAuthority is the right to act It can be transferredAssignment no transfer of authority occurs It is a bureaucratic function that reflects job descriptions and patient or organizational needsThe Delegation Process1Define the task delegate only an aspect of your own work for which you have responsibility and authority2Decide to delegate match the task to the individual analyze individuals skill levels and abilities to evaluate their capability to perform the various tasks Determine characteristics that might prevent them from accepting responsibility for the task Rule of thumb delegate to the lowest person in the hierarchy 3Determine the task define your expectations for the delegate Plan when to meet4Reach agreement need to be prepared to equip the delegate to complete the task 5Monitor performance and provide feedbackObstacles to DelegationA Non supportive Environment1Organizational Culture the norm is to do the work themselves because others are not capable or skilled There is a poor tolerance for mistakes2Personal Qualities poor communicationinterpersonal skills can be abarrier3Resources lack of it Financial constraints
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