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Operations Management and Information System
OMIS 2010
Henry Kim

4. In what ways is space important to political protest and political transformation? Stronger answers will draw from at least two world regions.  Arab Spring: o Large scale wave of demonstrations o Fights for democracy  Mohamed Bouazizi and Tunisian Protest:  Long history of police harassment  Takes a 200 dollar loan to make money  They humiliate him and take his scales  Dies in 18 days  Starts the Arab Spring  People want some accountability  The president’s regime fell  “Arab Spring”  it means that most of the countries are Arab speaking  Causes of the Arab Spring:  Lack of democracy  Corruption, human rights violations  Economic decline, there is not enough jobs  Food prices have risen  Implications:  We don’t know  Important to pay attention to this region o Spaces of Protest  Cyber space: facebook, twitter  Has the potential of changing the world  Online community, digital community  Silent protest on the Nile River  Facebook gave instructions on the Silent Protest  Syed was beaten to death and people were outraged  Organized an event, “the day of revolution against poverty, corruption, unemployment”
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