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Operations Management and Information System
OMIS 2010
Henry Kim

12) Compare and contrast European colonial interests and contemporary Chinese interests in Africa. From perspective, are we justified in drawing a parallel between the two? Why or why not? And how are contemporary European and North American interests in Africa relevant to this debate? Interests in Africa by economic powers began centuries ago with the Europeans as a form of direct colonialism. Decades after independence, countries are still flooding to Africa in order to profit from its natural resources. During colonialism in Africa, China was living in obscurity and had little ambition in expanding its influence beyond its border. China’s extraordinary presence in Africa has been likened to neo-colonisation of Africa, but more humane than the colonial system of Europe. This essay will compare and contrast the colonial interests of Europe during colonization and China’s contemporary interests in Africa. This essay will also discredit any parallel drawn between Europe and China’s interests in Africa as well as the relevance of European and North American to this debate. Africa is undoubtedly rich in natural and human resources, which have been the selling point for major economic powers to either forcefully, make their way into the continent or systematically exploit the continent. Europe was attracted to Africa for resources because most Europeans countries lacked the natural resources to cater for their respective populations. Determined to solve the pending epidemic, colonial powers determined to aggressively exploit Africa for its resources with little or remittance to Africa. Europe’s interest in Africa was solely based on the further development of Europe and the systemic subordination of Africa to Europe, which later gave birth to slavery. Europe’s interest
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