Chapter 10 Textbook Study Guide

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York University
Operations Management and Information System
OMIS 2010
Alan Marshall

Chapter 10 Introduction to Estimation 101 Introduction This chapter introduced estimation a form of statistical inference Make certain that you understand the sampling distribution of the mean before proceeding At the completion of this chapter you are expected to know the following1 Understand the fundamental concepts of estimation2 How to produce interval estimates of the population mean3 How to interpret interval estimates4 How to determine the sample size to estimate a population mean 102 Concepts of Estimation This section dealt with the fundamental concepts of estimation You are expected to know the meaning of the terms introduced in this chapter and understand why estimation is necessary in most practical situations EXERCISES101 What is the difference between an estimator and an estimate 102 Define each of the following terms a Unbiased estimatorb Consistent estimatorx103 Explain whyis an unbiased estimator of 22 104 Explain why s is an unbiased estimator of x105 Explain whyis a consistent estimator of115
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