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ORGS 1000
Greg Milavsky

Group Film Analysis ORGS 1000 Section T Tony Mendez, the protagonist in the film Argo, is an effective CIAagent because he is able to save the U.S diplomats by successfully employing his leadership, emotional intelligence and negotiation skills. Mendez is a CIAagent who devises a plan to rescue sixAmerican Embassy workers who are unsafe in Iran in the wake of the 1980s Iranian Civil Revolution by creating a fake movie that is scouting locations in the country. Upon arrival, he is faced with the fear of death and must prepare, motivate and lead theAmericans to safety. Mendez uses a consultative style of leadership when working with the other CIA operatives as he listens to their ideas. However, he uses an autocratic style when working with the US diplomats.Although he does not act as if it is his way or the highway, he does resist new ideas as his is the best one. Mendez is a transformational leader who is able to influence others through inspirational motivation. This is seen through his ability to convince the diplomats to become committed towards the plan that he has crafted to rescue them to safety. Since the team has a moderate or low amount of readiness because the task is extremely difficult and their lives are on the line, Mendez is high on initiating structure and consideration as that leads to the optimal combination of selling. High initiating structure is shown when Mendez clearly defines the tasks of the American diplomats by giving them profiles of cover-up personalities which gave exact directives of their conduct whilst in Iran. Moreover, he shows high consideration by showing compassion for theAmerican diplomats, defying CIAorders to ensure their safety. To supplement this, he shows desirable personality traits and abilities. He displays conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion as well as high cognitive ability, communication, problem sensitivity and high stress control all which lead to high leader effectiveness. Secondly, Mendez displays his emotional intelligence; he uses his strength and knowledge to properly examine the volatile situation within Iran. He showcases his social awareness by caring for the group, revealing his genuine self and speaking about his family back home. This effectively builds trust and motivates the initially skeptical diplomats to work as a team towards the goal of esca
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