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David Stamos

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Lecture 22 Evolution and the Meaning of Life – David Stamos  Mutation is changed in DNA  Random DNA  Process  Fate of all things is to die  Evolution doesn‟t add anything to life  Evolution is fact o Nihilism : no objective morality/values o Essentialism : universe is absurd (life seems absurd), no human nature, free will (man is condemned to be free) {life is then meaningless}  Fideism : leap of faith  One is free to choose the meaning of their lives  Bad faith if you don‟t have free will  Take responsibility of your choices/actions  “Did we evolve instinct?”  Some do not have, they are called „psychopath‟  Rorschach, “ink test” to see what people think they see  Evidence from small children, that they routinely describe purpose/meaning  Victor Frankl, psychologist, is also a Jew, went to the holocaust, those who had the “will” to meaning, they tend to survive  He argued basic instinct  Proximate Cause : would be basic instinct, where and why it existed  Logo therapy : purpose is to find meaning in their lives  Ultimate Cause : hypothesis, a theory at best
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