PHIL 1100 Chapter Notes -Turnitin, John Wisdom, Rough Copy

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19 Apr 2013
AP PHIL 1100 W 13 Meaning of Life Essay Topics
(due Thursday March 21, 2013—this has nothing to do with your tutorials)
Weight: 3 marks style, 2 marks opening paragraph, 25 marks as specified
below = 30 marks
a cover page including all necessary information
one staple in the upper-left corner (no folder, no paper clips, no
5–7 pages (strict) of text, typed, dbl-spaced, 12-pt serif font, indented
paragraphs, pages numbered
an opening paragraph, clearly stating your topic, a brief statement of
what you are going to do in the paper and what you are going to argue,
including your readings (author-date), and absolutely nothing else
make the structure of your essay isomorphic to the essay question
no padding, i.e., an extra space between paragraphs, wide margins,
subheadings, biographical material, etc.
be as clear and concise as possible throughout your paper, avoid jargon
words, flowery language, and bafflegab, and do no more or less than
what the question asks
all references and quotations must be cited using the author-date
system, with the original source year cited in the body of the text, page
numbers referring to the reprint source (viz. our textbook), and the
original and reprint sources included in the list of references (given on a
separate page at the end of your paper)
if using outside sources (you don’t have to), confine yourself to
academically respectable sources, i.e. sources found in peer-reviewed
academic books and journals (not the Web)
do not use endnotes and use footnotes only for discursive purposes
when arguing your own view, you must keep your argumentation down
to earth (i.e., you must restrict yourself to philosophical arguments
everyone in the class can relate to)
keep in mind also that agreeing is not the same thing as arguing
Topics (choose one):
1) Explain how Taylor relates the myth of Sisyphus to the non-human biological world (5 marks). Then, explain
what his solution to the meaning of life is (5 marks). Then, explain Camus’ solution to the meaning of life, being
sure not to overlook the section “Absurd Freedom” (5 marks). Then, argue for which of these solutions you think is
the stronger position (logically, psychologically, you must specify) (10 marks).
2) A recurring theme in this course is that “What (really) is the meaning of life?” is not a genuine question at all but
a pseudo-question, a question that looks like a real question but is not. Explain the ways according to which Kai
Nielsen, in §V of his article, says this is so (10 marks). Then, explain the way examined by John Wisdom that this is
so (5 marks). Then, pick one way in which one of those authors considers that it might not be a pseudo-question and
argue either for it or against it using arguments not found in either of those readings (10 marks).
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you must submit two versions of your paper in order to receive a grade:
a paper copy to to your TA (not to me, I have one foot in the grave) in
class on the day due
an electronic copy on the same day (your final copy, not a rough copy,
on one complete file, not two files) to (class ID: 6184032,
enrollment password: bloodclots)
this is your only proof that you submitted in case your paper copy
is lost
email submissions to me or your TA will absolutely not be accepted
late papers will lose 1 mark for each day late (computer excuses will not
be accepted)
early and late papers should be submitted to your TA personally, or to
the department secretary, or to the department drop box (not to anyone
else or to anywhere else!) at the philosophy department, S 448 Ross
Bldg., at least 15 minutes before they close (find out when that is).
get the secretary to date stamp it.
if you drop it in the drop box after hours, it will be date stamped the
next day and that date stamp will count as the date of submission
(regardless of your turnitin date)
if you don’t give your paper to your TA personally, only the
department date stamp will be accepted as the date of submission
during the week.
the turnitin date will only be accepted as the date of submission
during weekends.
to be clear, this means that if you submit to the phil. dept. on a
Friday but they don’t stamp it for that day, then your paper will be
an extra day late even if you submitted to turnitin on that Friday.
late papers will no longer be accepted once graded papers have been
returned to students (normally two weeks after the due date) and will
receive a zero grade
plagiarism is an extremely serious offence: see the last page attached
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