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PHIL 1100
Jennifer Kuk

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Curriculum to Learning a Language 1. Alphabet 2. Numbers 3. Colors 4. Animals 5. Objects 6. Clothing 7. Date and Time 8. Titles of people (mom, dad, etc.) 9. Geography 10. Sports 11. Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Prepositions andAdjectives 12. Careers 13. Money * Learn how to construct a sentence - Start by reading and writing sentence. * Learn how to write a paragraph – Start by reading and writing paragraphs. * Get a book with pictures and label them with corresponding words in language. *Avoid using English as much as possible. Be able to know the language without translating it into English first. Break each section up such as: school, work, shopping mall, grocery store, etc. Interpersonal = Enabling us to establish and maintain desirable social and working relationships: • greetings and leave takings • introducing people to others • identifying oneself to others • expressing joy at another’s success • expressing concern for other people’s welfare • extending and accepting invitations • refusing invitations politely or making alternative arrangements • making appointments for meetings • breaking appointments politely and arranging another mutually convenient time • apologizing • excusing oneself and accepting excuses for not meeting commitments • indicating agreement or disagreement • interrupting another speaker politely • changing an embarrassing subject • receiving visitors and paying visits to others • offering food or drinks and accepting or declining politely • sharing wishes, hopes, desires, problems • making promises and committing oneself to some action • complimenting someone • making excuses • expressing and acknowledging gratitude Directive =Attempting to influence the actions of others; accepting or refusing direc
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