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PHIL 2240
Brandon Fenton

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LOWE Pages: 1-7 Introduction What is philosophy of mind?  ‘Study of philosophical questions concerning the mind and its properties’ - incorrect  This assumes ‘minds’ are objects, of a certain kind, related to other objects (ex. brain, body)  Implicit reification of minds  Rather, ‘People are minded or mindful’, instead of ‘people have minds’  No term that embraces all minded things, actual and possible (machines, non-human animals, disembodied spirits)  Suggestion = ‘subject of experience’ Empirical psychology and Philosophical Analysis:  What are the differences between philosophical studies, and those conducted by empirical psychologists?  Philosophical studies pay close attention to concepts deployed in characterising things as ‘subjects of experience’ and the analysis of them  Criticises and refines when vague  Experts in philosophical thinking are separate to other
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